Page proofs and cover quotes and book events

I am once again reading page proofs, “third pass” page proofs this time.  I am not supposed to be making many changes, and I am not, but I have re-read some of the Lincoln and Stanton and McClellan quotes against the originals, and have located and corrected a few minor errors.

I am also starting to get “cover quotes” from more famous authors.  This morning a quote arrived from Ron Chernow, author of the great biographies of Hamilton and Washington.  Chernow writes:

“Walter Stahr has delivered another solid, well-researched biography of a major, if often overlooked, figure in American history. His portrait of Edwin Stanton is fair-minded, rigorous, and scrupulously honest, balancing his sometimes questionable record on civil liberties with the logistical wizardry that he applied to win the Union war effort. Stanton is thus a welcome and significant addition to the ample literature on the Civil War and Reconstruction.”

And there is progress on the book event front:  I just learned today that I will be at Book Passage in Corte Madera in late August.