Galley copies

I now have a few “galley copies” of the Stanton book.  It is a bound paperback version of the book, not quite final, created by the publisher to excite people about what the REAL book will look like in a few weeks.  But from an author’s perspective it is pretty exciting in and of itself; it looks like a book, feels like a book, it is going to be a finished, published book soon.

I was back East early this week, meeting with my agent and publisher in New York City.  First order of business at Simon & Schuster was taping a brief talk, five things that you need to know about Lincoln’s cabinet.  That will be posted on the S&S website, and on this website, before too long.  We also talked about book events for Stanton, both those that are already fixed, and those that we should attempt to fix.  And we talked about the next book, a topic on which, for the present, I am going to stay silent, while I read and reflect.

On the next day I went to the Jay Homestead, in Bedford, New York, to see what has changed there, and talk about setting up an event there some time in the fall, and then to Yale, where I gave a “dean’s tea” talk in the late afternoon and then had dinner with friends.  “Dean’s tea” was interesting, for I had questions about all three books, and that required me to recall Jay, something that is now a bit harder, it was a while back that I researched and wrote that book.

More events on the list:  just added one in Wheeling West Virginia on November 16.