Stanton Update

I have on my desk here a large stack of paper, the first set of printed page proofs for Stanton.  I am reading and marking them, in some cases finding small typos, in other cases making small improvements.  I am nearly done, which is good, because I owe these pages back to the publisher on Monday.  I am going to hand-carry them to New York City, see the editors and my agent there.

I am setting up more Stanton events:  see that page.  I am especially excited about speaking at the National Archives, since some of the key sources for the book are there at the Archives, including Stanton’s love letters to his second wife.  Yes, that is right, Stanton’s original love letters are in a cold vault at the National Archives, along with, in another vault, the originals of his telegrams to generals during the Civil War.  And I am excited about going to Mississippi, the date for that is Saturday August 19, not sure whether I had it wrong or they changed it, but put it in your calendar:  thousands of people, in the heart of Civil War country.