August 2017

I have learned from Simon & Schuster in the past few days that Stanton will be published in August 2017.  We do not have a precise date within that month but we will fix one soon.

This means that I have to give the book, in final form, to S&S by some time in early December.  Suddenly all those things that I thought I would do “some day” have to be done some time between now and early December.  Yes, I can leave a few things to sort out later, a few footnotes to be checked and completed, a few images to find and permissions to secure.  But basically it has to be done soon.

This also means that the book will be in bookstores in August 2017, indeed the “galley version” of the book will be in the hands of reviewers in early 2017.  Exciting for me; I hope exciting for others.