End of Summer

Summer is coming to an end.  We are in southern California, starting tomorrow to drive back to New Hampshire, which we hope to reach in five days.

As you can see from the events list, I have a number of Seward events this fall:  in New England, New York, and Washington.  I did not really think that I would still be speaking about Seward at this point, but I get invitations that are hard to refuse.  In October, for example, I will be in New York to receive the Seward Prize.  Hard to refuse.

But do not fear, I am working away on Stanton.  This summer I have been using the library at the University of California at Irvine to read secondary books:  books about transportation, and individual generals, and organization of the Union Army.  All of them have details about Stanton, help to fill in the picture of the man and his work.  I plan a number of research trips this fall:  while in Washington, for example, I will be spending my days at the Library of Congress and National Archives.  And I need to get to Louisiana at some point before too long, to LSU, to see their Stanton papers.