It is seven am on what promises to be a beautiful graduation day here at the Phillips Exeter Academy.

In one sense I do not have any of my own children graduating; my son graduated from Exeter in 2011 and my daughter (God willing) will graduate one year from now.

In another sense though I do have children graduating:  in particular three mock trial students with whom I have worked for three and in one case four years:  Gene Chang, Ange Clayton, Joon Yang.  They were the senior leaders of this year’s team, a team which achieved great success, both in the state and at nationals, a team I will always remember with great pride and affection.

So, just like some of the parents, I will go to graduation today with tissues, because I know that I will cry a bit as I say well done and good bye to these students.  All three of them will be attending Harvard College in the fall, and I am hoping that they will be back here at Exeter from time to time, and I will be down at Harvard from time to time, so that we all stay in touch.

I probably better stop writing or I am going to start crying even now.