I am back in Exeter after ten days and six book events in California.  Some events were crowded, others less so, but that is the life of a traveling author.  I naturally emphasized Seward’s connections with California:  how his first great speech was a speech in favor of the immediate admission of California and (also) against the Compromise of 1850; how he continued to press for rail and other links between California and the rest of the United States; how he visited California as soon as he retired in early 1869; how he visited SOUTHERN California, and was thus not far from where I was speaking in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

I am back in Exeter but not for that long:  I will be leaving for California again for Thanksgiving, and an event at Chapman University on November 27, then returning east by way of Illinois, where I have events on November 30 and December 1.  In general, though, the pace of events is slowing down, I am starting to focus more on mock trial and more on Stanton.