on the road again

I am in Boston airport this morning, heading down to DC, for more than a week of events.

First up is an interview with CSPAN.  I had assumed when this was first set up that it would be a few minutes; I find that it will be almost an hour of questions about my life and book.  I told one of the mock trial witnesses last night that I am somewhat nervous, not about the substance, but about the style.  I coach them to look at the judge, maintain eye contact, smile, connect with the audience.  But can I do what I coach the kids to do?  We will see.

Other events include a talk with senior treasury officials tomorrow, politics & prose on Sunday, etc.  I am especially looking forward to Politics & Prose, where I am going to try something different, to tell his life through elections.  I am also looking forward to seeing old Washington friends.

I do miss my wife and daughter and dog back home in Exeter, but that is the life of the traveling salesman.