Regular readers of this blog (if any) may be wondering where I am and what I am doing.

I am in Newport Beach, California, in our new summer house here.  We have been busy, the past few weeks, with designers, gardeners, painters, carpet people, plumbers, etc.  There is still work to do, but the house is starting to look like a home.  We even have a plaque on the front gate telling people that this is the Stahr home.

We have also been busy at hospitals and nursing homes.  A few days after we purchased the house, after a pleasant walk with myself and my brother, my father suffered a severe stroke.  We called 911 immediately, he was at the hospital and in emergency surgery soon thereafter.  It was very close.

My father is now recovering in a nearby nursing home, able to use all his limbs to varying extents, able to talk and read some and even with difficulty write a few words.  I have been spending lots of time with him, my siblings and nephews and niece have all been here at one time or another, we have been doing lots of work keeping his many many friends up to date.

Time, however, does not wait, even for medical crises.  Seward is coming to bookstores in less than a month:  I have in hand a few of the early copies.  I am looking forward to getting out there and talking with people about Seward this fall, and hope to see all the regular readers (if any) at one event or another.