End of Term, Part 2

We are now in our last few days of school here at Exeter:  tomorrow most of the students other than the seniors will depart; graduation is Sunday; I am leaving for Virginia early Tuesday.

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting in my wife’s math class as the students presented their projects.  This was multivariable calculus, a course I took myself here at Exeter years ago, but today’s class is far more advanced and impressive than our class was.  Many of these current students, I am convinced, will go on to become important scientists or mathematicians:  they are amazing.  And, although there were some points in the presentations that could have been smoother, there were also some cute and memorable moments.  Shinri Kamei, as she explained the “route choice” problem her group tackled, said that they had decided as seniors to develop their “worldliness” and “culturality.”  The problem they addressed was how best to drive from Yonkers, NY, to Lawrence, MA, a problem we have addressed often en route to or from Virginia.

Yesterday evening we had a final dinner of the mock trial team.  They presented me with a framed photo of themselves, engraved to say that we were the 2012 New Hampshire Mock Trial champions.  I was very touched:  these kids are so busy and stretched and yet they found the time to organize a gift, and a dinner, and to say thank you.  I will miss the graduating seniors; I hope they stay in touch.