With the copy editor

My Stanton book is now with the copy editor.  What that means is that someone is looking hard for typographical errors, for inconsistencies in capitalization, for proper punctuation.  I have been looking hard for these things myself, in recent weeks, but it is hard to see one’s own errors, and I am sure the copy editor will find some things to change.

What this means, from a reader’s perspective, is that the book is on track for publication in early August.  I am starting to work with Simon & Schuster, and on my own, to set up book events for the book.  If you are interested in having me come to your library, or your book store, for an event on Stanton, send a note through the contact page here.  Or contact Elizabeth Gay at Simon & Schuster.  I will not be doing as much on the East Coast as I did for Seward, but I will be doing some, including Boston, New York and Washington.